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Name:Primed for Bandom
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Community description:For all your bandom canon needs
Thank you [personal profile] turlough for our lovely banners.

Primed for Bandom
Bandom has a lot of great resources out there, whether you’re new to the fandom or just trying to canon-check. Alas, most haven’t been updated in years. Plus, they’re spread out all over the Internet. [community profile] primedforbandom is a one-stop, collaborative, organized collection of bandom information.

The general layout of the comm consists of:

STICKY POST: An intro post to bandom with a flow chart that shows how the bandom bands are interconnected and provides cross-bandom references and links to the band overviews on this comm.

SIGN-UP POST: A post to sign up to create one or more needed primers for the comm. Lists all things that are still missing or out of date.

FAQ POST: A post with answers to your questions about the comm.

BAND OVERVIEWS: Mod-created and maintained posts that provide a brief introduction to the band. Include links to in-depth primers of the band, member bios, media resources, official websites, and twitters. They also contain links for band specific resources, such as news communities.

BAND PRIMERS: In-depth history of the band from their formation through the present day. Provides images, video, and discussion of major events. Cross-links to personal bios and major era primers.

BIOS: Each member of the band, as well as assorted relevant side-players, gets an in-depth bio complete with pictures through the ages. May link to other references (e.g. Frank’s tattoo timeline), individual interviews, videos, etc. Cross-links to relevant primers.

ERAS: More in-depth information about an era, tour, or event than was provided in the general band primer. Includes relevant pictures, videos, interviews, and references. Cross-links to relevant primers.

SHIP MANIFESTOS: Includes pictures, videos, explanations in support of a ship, and provides fic recs. Cross-links to relevant bios.

Please read the Posting Guidelines before posting.
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